Having 10 projects going on simultaneously is how I find happiness.. I’m pretty sure.. So! I’m helping put together a show with Paulita Bennett-Martin of Oceana along with two great artists, Deeds Davis and Stacie Jean Albano. The theme of the show is the North Atlantic Right Whale, in-order to help raise awareness of 1) the existence of this larger-than-life creature, 2) the fact that is on the endangered species list and what we can do to prevent it from becoming extinct.

The show is tentatively planned for January-February of 2019 (reception January 26th) at White Whale Craft Ales in Savannah, GA. I’m hoping I can get 13 finished pieces together before then! Here are a few detail shots of a piece of that I have currently going.


I created a coloring book a few years back for a client that decided not to use it, reneging on their end of the deal. I happened across it while cleaning old files and decided that it was high time I finish this bad boy! I put quite a bit of effort into it, especially since it was at a time in which I had more than enough on my plate. So, I am changing up the story, making a few edits, and adding full color. Putting a whole lot of love into this, with plans to have it freshly printed in the Fall. Woooo! Here's to finishing old projects!


(In-Progress shots)


Tara Garrigan
Success! Pavement-to-Parks

After 2.5 days of install, through downpours and many plan changes, we got all the elements of the park in place! The members of the CNU, sponsors of the event, and other special guests came out last night, May 17th, to enjoy the park and the festivities that were planned in it. We anticipated 300-500 people and ended up with 800! We all heard very positive feedback, everyone seemed to have a great time.

As always, things change as you go along, but we we're very pleased with the result. It was a great example of how the community can come together to revitalize areas so that everyone can enjoy them, and all on a small budget and short time frame!

Big thanks to our many sponsors: Oatland Island Wildlife Center, Junkluggers of the Coastal Empire, JTVS Builders, Carroll Construction, Guerry Lumber, Barge Design, Coastal Roofing, Savannah Hardscapes, Savannah Sustainability Coalition, and Tharpe Engineering!

The Details

There were so many variables in this project; donations being a large part of that.


Some of our sponsors were material sponsors; they donated large quantities of things that we needed. But miscommunications and mix-ups happen internally and we ended up missing some items on our list and instead ended up with some materials that we didn't need. So, adjustments were made! We had a large quantity of MDF instead of plywood. We couldn't use the MDF on the benches since it's not a product that can withstand much weight, but we figured out a way to use them.. As layers in a large relief sculpture! This after thought ended-up being an eye-catching part of our installation.

Not having all of the correct supplies upfront also meant that we were on hold, and had to start late. We also had some trouble-shooting to do when it came to mixing the concrete. In an effort to save some expense, we first attempted mixing the concrete with a drill and mixing paddle. We got through roughly 30 of these before several burnout scenarios made us search for a mixer. Luckily! Phil had a friend that was willing to lend his. From this point on, things seemed to go much smoother.

The other tricky part was that every member of the our team has another job or projects happening simultaneously. Working around everyone's schedules also came into play while figuring out logistics with our sponsor sites.

We had some great volunteers come out for the set-up and break down, which really helped morale and being able to get everything done in-time.

When it came to the breakdown, we received very short notice that we had to be out of the site earlier than expected. We started breakdown the evening before we intended. This was probably a blessing in disguise as the next day the site was hosting graduation after graduation, which made maneuvering in the space a nightmare. But after a long day of working in the sun, we managed to get everything done. Thanks Sam, at Caroll Construction and Kevin at Oatland Island Wildlife Center! We truly did have some amazing help :)

Revival Society: CNU Pavement-to-Parks


I am currently managing a pop-up park project for the CNU annual conference in Savannah in May as part of the Revival Society. Updates will be posted on TheRevivalSociety.org blog.

We've got less than 1 month to get it all done, so I'll be busy, busy, busy working away on that! I will be posting more artwork again during the summer (and maybe some pieces that I can squeeze in before then).

Check out the Revival Society blog and definitely come back to visit here soon!

 Design by The Revival Society: Rendering by Phil Caridi

Design by The Revival Society: Rendering by Phil Caridi

 Design by The Revival Society. Rendering by Eliska Skarolkova.

Design by The Revival Society. Rendering by Eliska Skarolkova.

 Design by The Revival Society: Rendering by Phil Caridi

Design by The Revival Society: Rendering by Phil Caridi