About Tara

Tara creates with the intent to mesmerize and inspire. Her art is generally whimsical, vibrant, imaginative, and always leaves the viewer with a story to contemplate. She works in all mediums but mainly creates in watercolor and ink. More than anything, Tara's work is inspired by her vivid dreams and the mysteries of the universe. She often finds that her most recurring themes are trees, aquatic life, imaginary creatures, and organically-shaped buildings. She also enjoys finding inspiration from other artists around the globe while drinking tea and browsing magazines at the bookstore.


Tara Garrigan's earliest memories always include drawing, in every location she lived in on the East Coast. These days, Tara calls Savannah home. She attended The Savannah College of Art and Design for Sequential Art to foster two of her loves, drawing and writing. Telling a story or educating through her art is always a goal. Tara has had the pleasure of teaching art to the children of Savannah; during her time as co-owner of Scribble Art Studio and as a teacher for Loop-It-Up Savannah. These opportunities also introduced her to the wonderful writers and environmental advocates who wrote the Captain Savannah children's book series. Tara teamed up with Emily Slusher and Angela Kakabeeke to illustrate their first two stories. 

Outside of her work, she is learning to fly, renovating her first home, riding her bike as much as possible, and likes to squeeze in crossword or two. 

And if that wasn't enough for you, email Tara to ask more!


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