Latest Work

*Sample page from upcoming children’s book, Captain Savannah, by authors Emily Slusher & Angela Kakabeeke* Finished and off to print!


Upcoming Painting show, “Dexterity” : The Sentient Bean, December 2014 with fellow artists: Ande Caridi, Jose Ray, Kenny Ward, Sean Keeth, & Wesley Shutters

Most recent group show, “Cloud 6″ : Blick Art Materials, April 2014 with fellow artists: Irene McCollam, Jose Ray, Kelley Magemes, LaShawn Floyd, & Sean Keeth

JeffZagers_ShowFlyer_Mar2014Inverse2Inverse1Mud27 Birdhouse Venice3_Cloud6TreehouseSunset3 Garage6


*Editorial Illustration created for Paprika Southern*


“Olive in Wonderland” commissioned illustration and advertisement for the Directory of Illustration


(Added 6/20/2014)

My Personal Portfolio is available for your viewing pleasure and snapshots of my work on Sir Crazy Pants! and Scribble Art Studio can be seen under my Commercial Portfolio. Any thoughts that you care to share? Contact me.



Live “Dream” Journal — For random entries about bizarre, nocturnal brain misfirings

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