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Promotional Video for Sir Crazy Pants

New Piece Finished



“Sean But Not Herd” watercolor & ink, assorted patterned papers. “Hobbes” character recreation: original design credit to Bill Watterson


*Captain Savannah is now available online at, in-store at E. Shavers bookseller of Savannah, GA and more locations coming soon!

*Written by Emily Slusher & Angela Kakabeeke, Illustrated by Tara Garrigan


*Upcoming Painting show, “Decks Terity” : The Sentient Bean, Opening Reception December 5th, 2014 with fellow artists: Ande Caridi, Jose Ray, Kenny Ward, Sean Keeth, & Wesley Shutters

photo(In-progress sample piece)


photo (1)

*BLICK Art Materials Halloween Show piece: “Serial Kids”

photo (2)

*Captain Savannah series, volume 2: Tybee Craddock and the Right Whale Mystery, coming soon!


“Olive in Wonderland” commissioned illustration and advertisement for the Directory of Illustration

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